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I was destined to a life of travel and writing. My parents, intellectuals and pedants for impeccable English, no doubt read aloud during my incubation. And my mother still likes to grouse about our first international trip together back in 1975, when she dragged me, her 20-pound, 14-month-old ballast, around the Colosseum and Rome’s other ancient, stroller-averse sites. I was already a seasoned traveler by then, having made my first flight just a month after leaving the maternity ward, in a four-seater Cessna from the hospital in Plateau State, Nigeria, back to our village on the Benue River. Before you ask, my parents were in agriculture, not oil or the military.

The result was the same: a life of vagabonding that’s seen me traipse across West Africa, bake bread for a living in the Rockies, develop an addiction for Cafés Viennoises living in Switzerland, and—miraculously for such a hopscotch life—cultivate a career as a writer along the way. I see the latter as the natural progression of all those wandering experiences: No matter how deep I’ve hiked into the highlands in Laos or how cut off I’ve felt in the Moroccan Sahara, I’ve always come across people with stories that enrich my life and resonate in the broader world.

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